FREE AUTUMN CERAMICS WORKSHOP - open call for application

National Museum of Slovenia, August 2020

The National Museum of Slovenia is setting up a free ceramics workshop, which will take place from 28th September to 2nd October 2020 in Ljubljana. An open call for application is international and public. Any individual artist working in the field of ceramic art using a pottery wheel, and would like to improve their knowledge, may participate in the ceramics workshop. At the workshop we will learn some traditional pottery techniques of throwing on the pottery wheel and explore contemporary variations of pots. Participants will also have the opportunity to fire ceramics in a traditional wood-burning kiln (reduction firing).

A renowned Slovenian ceramist Štefan Zelko will lead the workshop in collaboration with Eva Peterson Lenassi from Pottery atelier SEM.

The workshop will run for five (5) consecutive days, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Attendance is mandatory all days. We will provide the equipment, materials, and lunch. Both firings will be free.

The workshop is part of the European project CerDee, within the cooperation program INTERREG V-B Central Europe 2014–2020, which is co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund and own funds. 



Application for the workshop with all documentation required (application form and portfolio, pay attention to the criteria) must be sent by email to: Deadline for application is on Sunday, 13th September 2020.

The number of participants is limited (6-8). Professional jury will select the candidates for the ceramics workshop. The decision of the jury is final. Selected candidates will be notified on Friday, 18th September 2020 via email. 


Candidates must master the basics of wheel-throwing. They must be able to create a cylinder at least 20 cm high and create the same bowl shape several times. Candidates must demonstrate these criteria with photographs of their ceramic artworks (portfolio), which is a mandatory part of the application.  

The portfolio must contain photographs of five (5) representative ceramic artworks created within the last three years:  

  • two (2) ceramic artworks made on the pottery wheel,
  • two (2) ceramic artworks made on the pottery wheel must have a basic cylinder at least 20 cm high,
  • one (1) ceramic artwork on your own choice. 

It is preferable that candidates know the techniques of hand-building. Knowledge of glazing is also useful, but is not a requirement.  

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