Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Bologna - Italy

29th November 2018, Bologna

The workshop took place on 27/11/2018 in project partner Emilia-Romagna Region premises in Bologna. It was attended by 12 representatives of organizations that are responsible for development of energy plans and/or financial instruments, and 2 ERR staff members. In the beginning, Ms. Apollonia Tiziana De Nittis has informed the participants about FIRECE project and its activities with focus on training activities and events. Mr. Attilio Raimondi introduced the system of energy planning that exist in the Emilia-Romagna Region and explained links with existing Energy Fund. He discussed the possibilities for developing the available tools. Mr. Massimo Bottacini illustrated the concept of an innovative financial instrument and presented examples of non-financial instruments able to improve the financing of energy efficiency projects. In the following presentations, the main results of the existing regional energy fund were presented: 1) Mr. Marco Borioni illustrated the regulation and the main financial data; 2) Mr. Nicola Gobbi presented the critical issues that emerged from previous experience in managing the Fund and proposals for improvement and 3) Mr. Stefano Ranuzzini provided an interesting series of data on the economical amount of investments, the technical characteristics of the interventions and the results in terms of energy saving and reduction of the emissions.

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Bologna_1
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