Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Labin - Croatia

14th December 2018 - Labin City Library - Labin - Croatia

The workshop took place on 14/12/2018 and was organized in Labin city Library by FIRECE project partner IRENA. It was  attended  by  13  representatives  of  organizations  that  are  responsible  for development  of  energy  plans  and/or  financial  instruments,  and  4  IRENA  staff members. In the introduction speech IRENA's Director Mr. Valter Poropat pointed out that the implementation of innovative financial instruments and the assessment of energy savings  projects  of  small  and  medium-sized  enterprises  will  contribute  to  the achievement of indicators contained in regional energy plans. He pointed out that the FIRECE project will be focused on increasing the capacity of regional operators in  managing  and  achieving  energy  plans,  and  in  particular  the  significant exploitation  of  locally  available  financial  resources  to  encourage  investment  in renewable energy sources by industrial entities, especially small and medium-sized Enterprises.

Training Labin 1
Training Labin 2