Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Lublin, Poland

14th December 2018, Lublin - Marshal Office of Lubelskie Voivodeship

The workshop took place on 14/12/2018 in project partner Marshal Office of the Lubelskie  Voivodeship  in  Lublin  premises  in  Lublin.  It  was  attended  by 24 representatives of organizations that are responsible for development of energy plans  and/or  financial  instruments,  including  4  Marshal  Office  of  the  Lubelskie Voivodeship in Lublin staff members. The  meeting  opened  Bogdan  Kawałko  (Head  of  Department  of  Regional  Policy, Marshal  Office  of  the  Lubelskie  Voivodeship  in  Lublin).  Ms.  Grażyna  Gilewicz (Regional Office of Energy, Marshal Office of the Lubelskie Voivodeship in Lublin) made an introduction to the FIRECE  project. Participants were informed about FIRECE project and its activities with particular focus on goals and assumptions of the project and events. Next,  Ms.  Magdalena  Rzemieniak  (Expert  of  FIRECE  project)  informed  about training  activities  of  the  FIRECE  project  (presentation  of  the  training  course structure, and presentation of the most interesting information from the course). The training course was described and selected training modules demonstrated in the on-line e-learning system ( Ms Magdalena Rzemieniak gave examples of financial instruments, which are used in  project  partner  countries  and  regions.  In  particular,  funds  existing  in  Emilia Romagna  Region  (IT),  Burgerland  (AT)  and  Praha  Region  (CZ),  were  discussed. During  the  workshops,  work  teams  were  analyzed  in  various  case  studies.  The participants considered options for adapting financial instruments in the Lubelskie Voivodeship and in Poland. The best practice was considered examples of financial instruments from the Czech Republic. During  the  workshop,  the  participants  discussed  possibilities  of  wider  use  of financial instruments to support energy efficiency projects in Lubelskie Voivodeship and in around Poland. It was concluded that financial instruments will definitely play a more important role in the next programming period. However as they provide a lower support compared  to  grants,  an  administrative  burden  of  their  operation  have  to  be decreased for companies. A competition between grants and financial instruments must be avoided.

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