Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Prague - Czech Republic

12th December 2018 - ENVIROS office - Prague

The workshop took place on 12/12/2018 in project partner ENVIROS premises in Prague. It was attended by 10 representatives of organizations that are responsible for development of energy plans and/or financial instruments, and 5 ENVIROS staff members. In  the  beginning,  the  participants  were  informed  about  FIRECE  project  and  its activities  with  particular  focus  on  training  activities  and  events.  The  training course was described and selected training modules demonstrated in the on-line e-learning system ( Ms. Vladimira Henelova introduced a system of energy planning that exist in the Czech Republic, and explained links between national, regional and local energy plans. She discussed financial possibilities of energy plans operators at different levels. Mr.  Pavel  Ruzicka  gave  examples  of  financial  instruments,  which  are  used  in project  partner  countries  and  regions.  In  particular,  revolving  funds  existing  in Italian regions were discussed.

Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Prague_1
Front-Desk-Training to local operators, Prague_2