Fruitful kick-off discussion in Budapest

NGOs, researchers, municipalities, journalists and local citizens were gathering in Budapest on the TRIP Boat to discuss the challenges of circular urban water usage. 

Meeting on the Danube

In the opening session Ms. Rebeka Szabó, vice mayor of Zugló Municipality underlined the frontrunner role of local municipalities in green investments. Good examples and practical solutions can guide the local citizens and businesses to a greener way of life. 

Opening the event

Mr. Viktor Merker, the lead project manager presented links between other ongoing green projects in Zugló and argued the topic, how important is for a municipality to set up innovative technical and social pilot projects.


Ms. Zsuzsanna Király unfolded the available elements of the digital knowledge basis on the CWC website and presented the results of the public perception survey in Budapest FUA.

In the open discussion section participants identified main barriers, challenges and roles in circular urban water management.

Increasing paved areas and new buildings without rainwater collection were mentioned as an upcoming problem in the agglomerations of cities.

Attendees agreed on the need of cooperation of settlements and the high importance of involvement the private sector in the solutions, especially residential buildings.

The summary of the event is, to reach the objectives of a sustainable water management, the economical and legal environment needs fast and significant changes, and we need to act immediately