Use of shallow geothermal energy in Central Europe and opportunities for Krakow

31. 8.2018

The aim of the event is to present current situation in the field of shallow geothermal energy use in Central Europe, with emphasis on how we plan to improve the use of shallow geothermal energy in the project pilot areas. Furthermore we want to inform the stakeholders about the work progress and discuss the possibilities for cooperation and implementation of the project results, taking into account the short and long-term perspective, including strategies for the use of renewable energy in Krakow.

Use of shallow geothermal energy is considered as one of the important ways of improving air quality in Krakow and other Polish densely populated places, as it does not entail any air pollutant’s emissions in place of operation. In more wide perspective, borehole heat exchangers may be efficient heat sink, which is important for cities and their urban heat islands.

Additionally we want to emphasis possibilities of cooperation and synergies between related municipal services (i.e. district heating) and shallow geothermal energy use, especially in places where district heating network is not built, as well as joint development of the first interactive catalogue of legal and environmental conditions for Krakow.

Agenda for the national stakeholder's event in Krakow, 25th of September, 2018 in Krakow Municipality Office (plac Wszystkich Św. 3‐4) from 9:30 until 13:00:

  • Introduction to the Interreg Central Europe project GeoPLASMA‐CE, a trans‐national approach! - G. Goetzl, GBA
  • Keynote speeches - J. Majchrowski (the President of Krakow), T. Słomka (the Rektor of the AGH UST)
  • Regional presentations for the pilot area Krakow – options and barriers for the use of shallow geothermal energy in urban area / Krakow - M. Hajto, AGH UST
  • Discussion

Invitation letter in Polish language is available here.