Razvojni center Novo mesto published a book Zbornik prispevkov regijske konference PRIHODNOST ZDRAVILIŠKIH MEST IN REGIJ: NAČRTOVANJE IN UPRAVLJANJE Z ZDRAVILIŠKIMI OBMOČJI.

On 2nd and 3rd of February Razvojni center Novo mesto organized a two-day regional conference about the future of spa resorts and regions, which was held online due to the epidemiological situation. In addition to numerous spa and health resorts in the north-eastern part of Slovenia, they can also be found in Dolenjska and Posavje, which are part of south-eastern Slovenia. The regional conference was aimed at defining the development trends of spa cities and regions and their characteristics. It was organised to exchange knowledge and experience in the management of spa areas from different perspectives and different sectors. With the findings, we will make an important contribution to the content for the regional development of region Jugovzhodna Slovenija, which is also one of pilot projects within HealingPlaces. The conference also included a contribution by dr. Peter Kralj, one of the Slovenian pioneers in the field of geothermal energy, who has dedicated his life and career to promotion of use of geothermal potential. Before the start of the conference, we paid tribute to him with a minute of silence due to his unexpected death, and thanked him for his contribution to this and other projects in which he was still active as a retiree. This collection presents summaries and some written contributions of the authors of the conference and will contribute to the preservation and strengthening of knowledge about spa resorts and regions and sustainable development. Contributions will also be important for the preparation of new programmes and projects that can be implemented in the forthcoming EU multiannual financial perspective and beyond.

You can find the publication here.