Live-streamed on-site walk in pilot site – Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia.

On Thursday, 12th of November 2020, project partner City of Križevci together with Associated partner LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, have organized a live-streamed on-site walk in pilot site – Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia. It was imagined to be a kind of extended last part of 4th partners’ meeting which was held on-line in end of September 2020 (the partners meeting would be in Križevci and Sveti Martin na Muri in person, but due to the pandemic situation it was on-line). This live walk stream was great opportunity for partners to see one of Croatia’s pilot sites and to go inside  LC Terme Sveti Martin complex.

Representatives of City of Križevci and LC Terme Sveti Martin were present on-site, while other participants (project partners, stakeholders and JS representative) joined on-line via web link.

The live-stream started at 11 am with welcome and introductory words by project manager Lucija Gudić and Igor Nekić General director at the Terme Sveti Martin. 

After welcoming words, live walk officially started with introducing Hotel SPA Golfer 4* area by Tajana Hranić (Terme Sveti Martin Sales manager) and Jelena Petrošanec (Terme Sveti Martin Marketing Manager): coffee and lounge area, then wellness lobby and through tunnels to the indoor pool complex (called “The temple of Life”). The indoor pool complex is actually situated where the first well was drilled in 1911! After the pool area, next stop was stepping outside and visiting the geothermal wells with briefing about geothermal properties of the well(s) by Vedran Augustić (Terme Sveti Martin Maintenance and Safety Director). 

Next stop on the walk was a walk through tunnels, visiting the Wellness reception and learning about “Healthness” - a derivative of two English words; health for health and the term wellness describes the health and harmony of all aspects of our being. Going upstairs on the first floor and through Hotel’s restaurant where the view of Biodynamic garden is shown through glass windows. While going outside to the Biodynamic garden garden itself, Jelena has talked about local & organic principles that Terme are working by, their “0 km policy” similar to From farm to fork Strategy and their cooperation with local community and Family farms. One of them was also visited later in the day. 

After showing the Biodynamic garden garden, participants took a brake while hosts met next stop’s leader – David Novinščak, Director of the Sveti Martin na Muri Tourist board. He literally gave a tour on water mill on river Mura where their offices are at. The river Mura turns the impressive wooden waterwheel near a small village called Žabnik, at the northernmost point of Croatia. It represents a unique example of traditional architectural heritage in Croatia and beyond. The sound of murmuring water and creaking millstone take the visitors back to 1902, when flour was ground for the first time on that floating “old man”. The landscape of the Sveti Martin na Muri municipality is characterized by two reliefs: the valley along the Mura River and the gentle hills of Upper Međimurje. Thanks to its preserved biodiversity, the area along the Mura River is part of the European NATURA 2000 Nature Conservation Network, which is also the Mura Drava Regional Nature Park. The importance of this river landscape is also recognized by UNESCO, which has included it in the Mura-Drava-Danube International Biosphere Reserve. The hilly area is rich in vineyards and orchards and you can enjoy beautiful panoramas. Here you can see ferries that drive across the Mura, floating mills, traditional architecture, historical features and exhibitions, which depict the life of the rural population .

The Tourist board gave participants a tour inside their Mill House: the ethnographic collection is located on the upper floor and is displayed through an interactive display. Collection tells the story of the old craft of milling, about the life of a miller, but also about life along the Mura River - by a 3D movie.

After saying goodbye to the Tourist board representatives, the team and camera went on after a break, on last stop – Family farm which cooperates with LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin, produces their own apple & orange juices, wine, healthy chips etc. Tatjana Hažić, one of the Farm owners, stated that they have excellent cooperation with Terme Sveti Martin, on a yearly-basis contract; they provide Terme with their fresh organic products. 

The experience on site was very interesting; with family dog interrupting, smell of fresh orange juices and lovely sights of Međimurje hills from Family farm’s terrace. Interesting fact is that the oranges are from most southern part of Croatia – the Neretva river valley, coming together with apples from most northern part of the country in organic juice.

After another set of questions and answers from participants on-line and a short brake, the live stream was slowly ending at the Hotel SPA Golfer again with presentations from project partners City of Krizevci (HR) and Razvojni Center Novo Mesto (SI) about their pilot actions. After a short discussion and giving thanks for participating, the live-stream ended successfully.