Coordination meeting in Italy organized by Technology Park of Pordenone, supported by Venetian Cluster

On the 22nd of January 2020 a coordination meeting for HEALING PLACES activities to be carried out in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia Italian regions took place in Abano Terme, a thermal destination in the province of Padua (Veneto, Italy), surrounded by the landscape of the Regional Natural Park of Euganean Hills.

The HEALING PLACES Italian partner Technology Park of Pordenone, supported by Venetian Cluster (cluster of the productive supply chain in cultural and environmental heritage), met the representatives of the Associated Partners that are involved locally to participate in the project and the specific pilot action foreseen by project plans.

The Associated Partners involved are: the Unique Management of Hydromineral Basin of Euganean Hills (Gestione Unica del Bacino Idrominerario Omogeneo dei Colli Euganei - shortly GUBIOCE); the thermal Municipality of Abano Terme; the thermal Municipality of Montegrotto Terme. 

All Associated Partners were represented in the meeting and discussed together about first steps of the HEALING PLACES project to be implemented, in order to involve all important local stakeholders (starting from Destination Management Organisation, associations of hotel managers, other municipalities, health agency and other public and private bodies involved in thermal, health, tourism and environmental issues in the territory) and take first steps towards the realization of the project pilot action.

The specific pilot action to be implemented in this area consists in the improvement of sustainable management of thermal natural resources in the area of Euganean Hills, through studies and analyses of environmental resources and impacts, as well as by using innovative and involving tools as the specific project App and an immersive room dedicated to training and information to stakeholders about sustainable management of thermal resources, but also able to inform citizens and visitors about the values and sustainable management of thermal environment.

The meeting was also dedicated to the organisation of the forthcoming project meeting to be held in Abano Terme in the end of April 2020, involving all project partners and local stakeholders for the further implementation of HEALING PLACES project's activities.