HealingPlaces project at a round table discussion of water reuse in Slovenia

On 26th of November 2019 two representatives of Development Centre Novo mesto attended a round table on the topic of water reuse in Slovenia. During the consultation, experts from different fields presented how to achieve sustainable management of water resources. More than 45 participants, together with the lecturers, discussed the needs for water reuse, what are the main obstacles to circular water management and where are the opportunities for more sustainable water management in Slovenia.

Among others, Vane Urh presented the HealingPlaces project in which the Development Centre Novo mesto will prepare a pilot Management plan of thermal water use with one of the focuses on water reuse. Waste thermal water with additional organic and mineral components presents challenges to different organisms and sectors – whether it is released to surface waters or reinjected back in thermal aquifer.

The participants of the conference agreed that it is necessary to study the rationality of water reuse and measures for the sustainable use of water resources in Slovenia: “It is not necessary to reuse all water, as some very arid regions without precipitation, but let's do what makes sense for the environment". Water reuse has a lot of potential for irrigation in agriculture, watering green public areas, rinsing on sewage treatment plants, as industrial process water, firefighting reserves, in new buildings for toilets etc. More concrete implementation of such measures requires an appropriate legislative framework to promote circular water management. The reuse of treated wastewater is recognized under safe and cost-effective conditions to increase water supply and reduce overexploitation of water resources.