Pilot Action Croatia

Eco-friendly SPA management in region and guidance for sustainable use of local thermal and mineral groundwater resources

Pilot action for City of Križevci together with Associated Partner Toplice Sveti Martin consists of several actions on both pilo

t sights – near geothermal source in the City of Križevci and also in Sveti Martin na Muri Municipality within Toplice (Terme) Sveti Martin Complex. Križevci has an abandoned geothermal well close to the city center uphill nearby. The source has been explored throughout the years and has shown good balneological characteristics in 2009, by the Public Health Teaching Institute "Dr. Andrija Štampar“, Zagreb.

For the Križevci pilot sight, a non-invasive research will be done by students of the respected Faculty with Geophysics subject so it could be a good opportunity for student’s practical work. It will be an assessment on Križevci thermal & mineral water in possibility of closing the loop of water flow in order to avoid depletion of resources.

Guidance and information on this kind of resource protection will be provided & given to administration for better future planning and attraction of the investors. Another study and study visit will be done at second site – the AP Terme Sveti Martin SPA complex for its impact on the local environment. Study will determine if available techniques of research & monitoring are adequate in terms of protecting nature & groundwater flow in areas where boreholes are made.

Therefore, PP6’s key stakeholders and Regional working group consists not only of SPA and thermomineral waters experts, but also of SPA managers, governmental and administration officials, students of the respected Faculties – all important for the future sustainable management of SPAs and thermomineral waters protection. Associated partner will also host an interesting conference regarding green business in SPA management and usage of the thermomineral sources in eco-friendly way.