Pilot Action Czech Republic

Testing participative tool for improvement of SPAs water deposits sustainable management in Jeseniky

The pilot action in the Czech Republic will be carried out in the region of Jeseníky, NE part of the country. Here are located five spas, three of them are using mineral water (Bludov, Velké Losiny and Karlova Studánka) and the other two use other natural resources (first of all air). Based on the importance and extraction of mineral water resources will be identified spa(s) with the biggest conflict potential (probably Bludov and Velké Losiny) and with these spas will be more detailed collaboration on mitigation of possible conflicts on mineral water usage. 

PP9 will realise pilot action in cooperation with Jeseníky Association of Tourism (AP15), testing on-site the participatory tool = Local-Regional Working Group in enhancing that way mineral/hot water deposits protection. PP9 will be also involved in "expert panel" works in WPT2.

The pilot actions will be divided into following stages:

  • Identification of the outreach of underground mineral water deposit used as a SPA basis in pilot area (Jeseníky) and confronting it with municipal borders (as different decision-making entities) to identify extension of potential influence/threats area
  • Identification of actors and defining social groups in pilot area: for all the administrative districts identified within (DT 2.1.1.) the most important actors from the administration, business and public sector will be identified and their influence and decision-making power diagnosed and describe.
  • Analysis of planning decision making processes potentially dangerous for mineral/hot water deposits: Processes & activities dangerous from environmental point of view (identified within WPT1) will be carefully diagnosed in model area with particular focus on decision making processes performance & public participation. Drawbacks will be diagnosed.
  • Building Local-Regional Working Group: Structure of Local-Regional Working Group will be designed to democratically support decision making processes in environmentally fragile area. Representatives of all groups and all respective municipalities will be included. Its works will be initiated.

Forming the recommendations: On the basis of the real work of the established Local-Regional Working Group the recommendation for improvement will be formulated for the further tool usage.