Ljubljana, 4. December 2018

On the 3rd of December, Technology Park Ljubljana hosted the 5th conference on digital healthcare – The underlaying theme were the innovation financing mechanisms & opportunities, with an emphasis on those related to Healthcare sector. In 4 different sessions, with more than 30 national & international speakers, the conference touched upon the following topics: best practice examples of foreign ecosystems (Netherlands & Estonia), real-life cases of successful Slovenian entrepreneurs and their modes of innovation-funding, in-depth discussions with insurance companies, experts on healthcare regulations and (VC) investors. Concurrently with the conference, Slovenian smart healthcare-solution providers were given an opportunity to network amongst themselves and explore collaboration opportunities, as well as showcase their technologies and innovation. The conference once again proved that Slovenia's digital healthcare ecosystem is vibrant and booming, attracting 140+ attendees from 40+ different companies.

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by Urška Rauter