How Can Polymers Push the Boundaries of Nanoelectronics?

"The fields of organic electronics and nanoelectronics have been undergoing significant advancements in recent years as scientists seek to miniaturize electronic devices via a number of routes. Polymers offer a way of miniaturizing certain elements of an electronic device and interesting ways of integrating nanoelectronics onto different surfaces.

Many would not think of polymers as a useful material for electronics and nanoelectronics since most of them are dielectric (insulating) in nature. However, there are those that are conductive in nature, and the ability for them to be synthesized in small sizes, as well in different architectures and mediums, has meant that their use has been growing across a number of electronic devices.

Moreover, some polymers which are dielectric in nature still have a place in nanoelectronic devices for housing more active materials, either as a composite within the device or as an active coating"

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