How the light gets in: Europe’s Photonics Landscape

"Photonics technologies are ubiquitous. Earmarked by the European Commission as a Key Enabling Technology for the 21st Century, photonics equipment is used across quantum computing applications, agricultural technologies, Internet of Things devices, self-driving cars, and healthcare tech, amongst many others. 
Europe has had a distinguished history in scientific and technical research with regards to the potential of light as a source of technological development. But where does it stand today? How does the continent’s SME landscape make the most of photonics research and funding? How does Europe compare with other global players in the market? What are some of the success stories of photonics projects in Europe?
In this five-part special report, EURACTIV digs deeper to answer some of the above questions as a means of charting Europe’s future in the field of photonics tech and finding out how light continues to be a valuable source of digital development."

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