Provincial Senior Citizens' Days in Lodzkie

August 2019, Lodzkie Region

Provincial Senior Citizens' Days - the first step in learning about the needs of senior citizens in the I-CARE-SMART project

As part of this year's Senior Voivodship Days, three events were prepared in three subregions of the Lodzkie Region: Wieluń (10 August), Łowicz (24 August) and Piotrków (31 August). The event is organized each year by the Regional Centre for Social Policy. It is a unit subordinate to the local government of the Lodzkie Region, which is involved in the activation and integration of senior citizens. Many interesting attractions have been prepared for seniors. Throughout the day, competitions and numerous performances were held, including choirs, ensembles and cabarets. Local Senior Clubs were also presented on the stage. There were also stands with products of folk artists.

Employees of the International Projects Unit were present at the event in relation to the research carried out within the framework of the international project "Innovative ecosystem of intelligent care for the elderly" implmented in the region. I-CARE-SMART project is in line with the emerging trend of supporting senior citizens. Its aim is to build and strengthen cooperation with organisations that are able to provide state-of-the-art technology in health and social care for the elderly.

The main conclusion from the conducted talks is the need to support elderly people not only in the form of health care, financial support, but above all in the social aspect. Members of associations such as Senior Clubs and Third Age Universities emphasize the enormous benefits of sharing time for common activities in the field of recreation, culture and health. Workshops and courses organized for them allow to discover hidden talents. Social activity itself becomes for many a goal of the present life and gain a sense of fulfillment.

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