INFO Point – the Old Vine House and the grape harvest of the Old Vine


In the heart of the old city centre on Lent stands the Old Vine House, which is an important landmark on the Cultural Route of St. Martin and at the same time the most important information point for all hikers on the path of St. Martin and app users. On the façade of the Old Vine House the Old Vine  has been growing its roots for over 400 years which won it a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest noble vine in the world still bearing grapes. The Old Vine is a symbol of the rich wine culture of Maribor, Styria, and all of Slovenia. The application and website of the St. Martin's Cultural Route will offer users to solve the quiz through which they will learn more about the Old Vine and related content. 


The Old Vine, the oldest vine in the world, queen of the grape vine, as the biggest ethnographic sight is given a lot of tourist promotional protocol events – the most famous and most popular is certainly the Vine’s grape harvest. The grape harvest of the Old Vine according to old Štajerska customs and habits has become a real city holiday, which is watched by crowds of people from Maribor and guests. This year, the 33rd ceremonious grape harvest of the oldest vine in the world took place on Sunday, 22nd of September 2019, and was a record high. They harvested 107 kilos of grapes and broke the 1991 record of 91 kilos.