INTENT Final conference - Closing session for INTENT team + steering group, 14th and 15th December 2020

17. 12. 2020

Main deliveralble - organizing Final conference was carried out in December throug the ZOOM. It was two half days event. First day (14th of December) was a public event. Second day (15th od Dec.) was reservet for closing session for INTENT team and steering group. On the final event was presented our project’s outputs and launching of a Virtual Know-How Center. The online event was aimed at general crowd dealing with healthcare in oncology. It was a successful event.

While EU health systems face similar challenges with ageing populations, rising comorbidities & financial insecurities, those in Central & Eastern Europe are still going through a transition to more modern, responsive & sustainable systems In some ways, change seems risky and is further limited by cost & performance pressures. Accordingly, policy recommendation(s) from INTENT to our target groups are clear & implementable & be supported by incentives to promote wider adoption. The policy making partners & associate partners are the main communication routes for this output. They have the capacity to reach both regional and national level policy making bodies.

The patient-centred model and associated indicators has been integrated into the online benchmarking tool which is then piloted. The benchmarking exercise in each pilot site influenced new attitudes & behaviour within the TG1 target group to adopt a patient-centred cancer care model by identifying strengths and weaknesses in operational efficiency, quality, patient experience & resource allocation.

OECI is the host of a manual version of a benchmarking tool (the Bench-Can tool). This tool is being re-cast as an online benchmarking tool with revised indicator sets for patient-centred care and health innovation. The OECI members were engaged in the preparation of this proposal and are an INTENT partners. More specifically, they have agreed to host & promote the online tools & the virtual 'Know--How' Centre  and to maintain these INTENT outputs beyond the project.

Know- How centre is accessible at the All project outputs are posted on the website including best practices, lessons learned, experiences and the benchmarking tool thus ensuring the sustainability of project results.