IT development plan

The IT Development Plan ensures coherence, quality and sustainability of all IT-related processes and deliverables during the INTENT lifecycle: web profile, and use of online benchmarking tool & virtual know-how centre, data management.  

Main objectives

  • Create a patient-centered care model and performance indicators using integrated care principles and local dialogue between managers, clinicians & patients.
  • Adapt a benchmarking tool & build competencies to improve patient-centered care through benchmarking, organisational change and social entrepreneurial solutions.
  • Build capacity and establish a virtual transnational know-how centre to inform the continuous improvement of patient-centered care in Central Europe and beyond. 

Virtual know-how centre is an repository of good practices in delivering patient-centred care, which include:

  • patient-centred care model
  • its implementation guidelines
  • indicator sets
  • collected examples of good practices
  • innovative solutions for implementing the patient-centred care model principles

Online benchmarking tool is an interactive web-based application providing:

  • collect data on indicators
  • collect individual responses (from patients or staff) through online surveys
  • perform benchmarking exercise between participating centres (e.g. comparison of results with standards, best performers, etc.).

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