1st Steering Committee Meeting in Veneto

The first Steering Committee Meeting was held on 1 - 2 Oct. 2019 in Padova, Veneto.

As the summary of project activities undertaken by all Project Partners, the first Steering Committee Meeting was held at the beginning of October in Padova, Veneto. 

The meeting was also participated by the representatives of regional stakeholders coming from all six CE regions. They provided more detailed information concerning target groups of the project in each region, characterizing their particular needs and nuances in their definition. They underlined, that besides professional business training, the disadvantaged persons need particular soft support form psychologists and consultants, as well as being mentored by 'social business angels'. 

The concurrent part of the meeting gathered representatives of all Project partners. It was focused on administrative issues of thematic workpackages, financial management of the project and its communication. Our work will concentrate on determining the requirements of a social platform and preparation of study visits to share best practice in the area of social entrepreneurship.

It was a really fruitful time.