IN SITU trainings launched in Poland

Coronavirus pandemic shifted all trainings and meetings to the cloud. But Polish seniors managed to switch to modern ICT technologies and participate in the events online.

In spite of risks related to pandemic, in tne WSB University (AWSB) started the first meetings with the participants of IN SITU trainings. All activities, due to mandatory restrictions, are held online. The majority of the participants represent senior people, but their readiness and will to use modern IT tools for video conferencing is absolutely surprising.

We are currently working on ideas and inventions provided by our participants, as they have a huge potential to be converted into interesting social initiatives” – says Piotr Stoły, member of IN SITU team responsible for training and consulting.

Screenshot IN SITU PL

During the first meetings the participants were presented the dedicated canvas for development of the social business or initiative. Delivered ideas were close to the daily problems faced by the senior people concerning care services, recreation and amusement, cultural activities, etc. After some elaboration and shaping, they may be converted into interesting businesses which will meet the demand.  

"Although the room for operations of the Social Innovation Hub is ready to welcome our participants, we can’t do it due to sanitary restrictions, which must be observed particularly by the senior persons. We do believe, however, that at least a part of our training and consulting activities will be held in direct contact at the University. For now, we have to do it another way." – adds Ewelina Widerska, Project coordinator at AWSB.

The call for applications to IN SITU trainings is still open. Formation of the first cohort is about to close, but there are still free places for the second one