3rd Regional Focus Group in Częstochowa

Polish IN SITU team invited the representatives of the Vocational Activity Centre in Częstochowa to take part in the 3rd RFG Meeting.

More than 20 participants took part in the meeting. Its objective was to reach the target groups of potential trainees for the future activities of IN SITU project.

The meeting was opened by Ms. Ewelina Widerska - Head of the Science Development Office at the WSB University and Ms. Joanna Tekiela - Headmistress of the Vocational Activity Centre.

Although some of the people have serious disabilities, they are willing and ready to work. The Vocational Activity Centre in Częstochowa is a perfect example of the organisation which is able to deliver high quality handicraft textile products. The persons working there have outstanding manual capabilities and some of their products are really works of art. The problem they encounter mainly refers to sales and marketing - says Dr Michal Szyszka, social policy expert in the project. 


3rd Regional Focus - Częstochowa

 The representatives of Silesian Marshal Office in Katowice underlined the meaning and power of social entrepreneurship, as well as its gravity for the current and future financial streams that will be available for such organisations.


During this meeting IN SITU team presented the designed training and counselling scheme, as well as the potential calendar of activities. Despite SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we are able to divide our activities flexibly, so some of them may be delivered in direct contact, and some may be shifted to the cloud. Development of digital skills is also very important for our beneficiaries - says Dr Tomasz Szulc, communication manager of IN SITU, as they broaden the horizons and equip the participants with new competences which are absolutely vital in the modern world.