Empower programme @SIH Rijeka!

STEP RI Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka and City of Rijeka successfully organized the first IN SITU EMPOWER PROGRAMME, a free three-week empower programme for the unemployed.

The Empower Programme was organised from October 13th to Ocotber 29th at the IN SITU SOCIAL INNOVATION HUB in Rijeka

"During our many years of work with the unemployed, we have realized that they often lack the knowledge and skills necessary to better navigate the labor market, be it for employment or self-employment. Through this initiative, we want to train them for more successful employment, and encourage some of them to start a socially innovative company or association." said Boris Golob, director of STEP RI.

Empower Rijeka

Through seven full-day interactive workshops that included a wide range of topics, from career planning, self-presentation to creative thinking, participants acquired the knowledge and skills necessary for better coping with the demanding and continuously shifting modern labor market, and were motivated to try out self-employment.

One of the participants said: “I am very pleased with the IN SITU EMPOWEREMENT programme. I would commend the top organization, as well as the very professional and eloquent lecturers who knew how to transfer their knowledge in an understandable and applicable way.

Another participant states: “After the IN SITU EMPOWER programme, I feel confident to open my own business, and will definitely apply to the IN SITU SOCIAL INNOVATION HUB six-month programme!”.