Successful Regional Focus Group Event in Stuttgart

The main purpose of the event was to connect the members of the two training program rounds with each other and - due to the Corona Pandemic - to meet personally for the first time.

The fifth regional focus group event in the Stuttgart Region was organised jointly by PP 5 (WRS) and PP 6 (HdM), in accordance with the current local Corona regulations.

In order to inform and inspire the participants the event agenda also included two keynotes.

Firstly the presentation of a successful regional startup in the area of social innovation, Female Fellows. This non-profit association is particularly committed to empowering women with refugee and migration background. Their goal is to create a society that lives its diversity and in which everyone has equal rights to help shape it. They offer e.g. tandems between local women and female refugees in order to get to know each other, support in organisational or cultural questions. This company is a great example of how having an idea can lead to a successful organisation with almost 20 employees and a huge societal impact.