Social Entrepreneurship Brunches in Vienna

In October 2021, the previously successfully implemented Social Entrepreneurship Brunches have been brought back to Vienna in December.

As a part of the intergenerational exchange, the IN SITU trainees met with Viennese school pupils to discuss their social business ideas. In addition, regional social entrepreneurs joined the events in order to present their real-life examples and inspiring background stories. 

The pupils had an opportunity to observe different stages of becoming self-employed and learned more about social innovations and the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations.  The IN SITU trainees used this opportunity to practice pitching of their idea and learned to highlight the social benefits of their future businesses.

 The events have been very well received and evaluated by schools as well as IN SITU trainees. They provided a useful feedback on presented social innovation ideas and proved to be a powerful motivation for pupils as potential future social entrepreneurs.