Mid-term evaluation of the Project

Together with the experts from Joint Secretariat of the Interreg CE Programme, the Leaders of all Work Packages met for mid-term Project evaluation. 

We are exactly halfway through implementation of our Project. It is a good time for a short resume of the achievements and presenation of the pending activities. 

During the kick-off meeting in Vienna in April 2019, no one actually expected the turbulences that we would encounter due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. It required from us a quick adaptation of the foreseen activities and moving to the Internet. 

All activities began with identification of regional conditions and regional stakeholders involved in the development of social businesses and social initiatives. In all 6 partner regions we managed to indicate patricular needs and specific characteristics of the participants of project activities - trainings and consulting. They were all gathered and compared. 

Basing on this experience, Croatian Partners designed the dedicated Train-The-Trainers programme in which representatives from all partner regions developed theis skills and competence in establishing and running a social enterprise or developing social initiative. It was the first activity which - due to COVID-19 - was moved to the cloud. 

All partners are successful in establishing their regional Social Innovation Hubs. It was initially planned that all trainings and consultancy services would be delivered there, but in mose regions, the governments increased restrictions for face to face contacts. So the premises are ready, waiting to welcome the trainees. Anyway we proceed with the online trainings and meetings.

Group photo