Regional Social Entrepreneurship Roundtable in Vienna

The fourth regional focus group, organized by European Board of Education and Vienna Business Agency, took place on Sept 27, 2021, online, hosting 17 participants.

The event was opened with a keynote, delivered by Ms. Flavia Bogorin, MSc., presenting to the stakeholders another InterregCE project, SIV (Social Innovation Vouchers), focusing on the aspects that are similar to IN SITU aims and challenges. The next three speakers, representatives of differently oriented organisations, shared inputs about their work in the field of social entrepreneurship and experiences gained working with the target group of long-term unemployed people.

Besides mapping the current regional situation in regard to long-term unemployment, the focus was also on its prevention and prediction of possible future development in the market. 

The project IN SITU has been introduced, with an emphasis of intergenerational exchange during the regional training and mentoring program. The aims of the project have been highlighted and upcoming events promoted.

Second part of the meeting included a discussion about common challenges in the field of social entrepreneurship (Covid-19, evolving labour market, missing competences of school absolvents etc.) and possible solutions. The successful meeting resulted into a stronger regional network with promising collaboration possibilities in the future