IN SITU Social innovation Hub in Rijeka 2nd generation of participants reaches Finish Line!

In November 2021, the second generation of social innovators finished their 6-month support programme at the IN SITU Social Innovation Hub in Rijeka! 

From May to November, participants had at their disposal a coworking office, entrepreneurship and business education training, personal empowerment workshops, inspiring interviews with social enterprise or association promoters, individual business counselling and assistance in writing an application for self-employment incentives. 
Anita Pribanić, IN SITU Social Innovation Hub in Rijeka manager: “Congratulations on your well-deserved success! Staying motivated as you were in these strange times was not an easy task! You truly inspired me and all the mentors with your positivity and perseverance! Best of luck with all of your ideas and you know that the IN SITU Social Innovation Hub is always here to support you on your journey!”

A couple of teams and individual participants met live on November 22nd to retrieve their diplomas and finish-line goodies.

What did the participants say during this final meet-up?

“Thanks to the IN SITU SOCIAL INNOVATION HUB programme I developed new skills and saw the possibilities of creating ideas and their implementation. The program prepared me for new experiences and life opportunities.”  

"Idea-initiative-job. Thank you IN SITU and Interreg CE for making this possible!"    

“Having someone to turn to with every question was such a life-saver for all of us wanting to start a social business, but still having so many questions!”

These six months flew by really fast! STEP RI and City of Rijeka are looking forward to see all these ideas grow!