5th IN SITU focus group in Vienna

The 5th IN SITU Focus group in Vienna took place online on October 14, 2021. Due to constantly changing Covid-19 restrictions, the event was planned to be carried out online.

The focus group “Social Entrepreneurship Einführungsworkshops für Lehrer:innen der 5.-9.Schulstufe” (Introductory  Entrepreneurship Workshops for middle school teachers) was planned as an informal event, where Viennese teachers have an opportunity to get hands-on experience  with IN SITU social entrepreneurship (SE) materials developed as a part of an introductory program.

The main goal of this event was to raise awareness of the importance of social entrepreneurship amongst the teachers and help them to offer the pupils a new way of thinking of their future actions as well as show them the importance of social initiatives. The workshop participants were also informed about the IN SITU project goals and activities, and the interested teachers received a preparation package for the IN SITU brunches, part of the training & mentoring program.

This focus group received very positive immediate feedback and has shown a great interest for SE education materials and inputs on schools in Vienna: pupils are motivated to think socially, teachers are keen to use the IN SITU project´s tools and programme frames in order to strengthen the social-innovative and entrepreneurial skills of the next generation.