LITTLE SQUIRREL launches first prototypes

LITTLE SQUIRREL social business idea from IN SITU Social innovation Hub Rijeka launches first prototypes

Hurray! LITTLE SQUIRREL product protypes have been launched!

Under the slogan “Let’s save memories together!”, the first prototype series of handbags, pillow cushions, brooches and toys made from upcycled textiles and/or textile materials with sentimental value have been designed and created! The first round of collected feedback is very positive!

After working extremely hard during the half-year support programme at the IN SITU Social innovation Hub Rijeka, Anita, the person behind “LITTLE SQUIRREL”, was awarded the first prise in the “highly innovative” category at the 2nd IN SITU Game Changer Fair in November 2021! Check out the full video pitch here.

This social business idea is now leaping forward and the IN SITU Social innovation Hub Rijeka team is so happy to see it grow! 

Check-out the images of the prototypes below. What do you think? Any feedback is welcome!

If you also have a textile with sentimental value (your wedding dress, your baby’s first suit, grandma’s scarf…) feel free to get in touch. Contact your local IN SITU SIH who will connect you to the IN SITU SIH Rijeka.