From NEET to entrepreneurs: a new initiative in Veneto Region

“Il Veneto Giovane: start-up!” is a new project launched by Veneto Region at the beginning of 2021 aimed at promoting self-employment as a way out from the NEET condition.

The target of Il Veneto Giovane: start-up!, supported in the framework of the Youth Guarantee Programme, are young people (18-29) not in employment, education or training.

The IN SITU project and especially the good results obtained after the first cohort of training inspired the regional policy makers of Veneto Region to integrate the promotion of self-employment among the offer of active labour market policies already in place to tackle youth unemployment.

Furthermore, some of the stakeholders already involved in the IN SITU project answered to the call “Il Veneto Giovane: start-up!” proposing projects, thus further enhancing the connection between the two initiatives, as well as the sustainability of the IN SITU project and outcomes in Veneto Region.