2nd Regional Focus Group in Stuttgart

The issues of inclusion of the migrants and their activation in business were the main topics of the second Focus Group in Stuttgart. 

The Focus Group Event took place on 22nd of January 2020. Together with their cooperation partners Singa Business LabWelthaus Stuttgart e.V. and Welcome Center Stuttgart, the Stuttgart Media University (HdM) and the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (WRS) organized a world café with participants interested in social innovation and social entrepreneurship. 

Together we collected ideas on how a perfect training program for migrants, new inhabitants and people going through periods of upheaval could look like. The result werde numerous of great ideas and inspirations. We will now use those ideas in order to create a plan for a training program called "Empowered by Entrepreneurship" that aims to empower above-mentioned target groups to find their way into the labour market or to found their own business. The goal is not only to convey knowledge but also to improve soft skills and motivation and therefore, to empower. 


The training program will start in autumn 2020. It may be, delayed, however - due to the outbreak of COVID-2019. In case of any major changes, we will keep you informed. 

Further information: Lisa Lang, Hochschule der Medien / Stuttgart