Regional Focus Group in Silesia

The importance of intergenerational cooperation and the foundations of In-Situ Project were discussed during the first stakeholders meeting in Katowice. 

More than 50 participants took part in the first Regional Focus Group in Katowice, Silesia. During this meeting the representatives of local governments, support organizations, academia and NGO had the opportunity to get familiar with our project. 

State-of-the-art approach assumes establishing regional Social Innovation Hubs in all partner regions, where people from disfavored groups will have the opportunity to get tailored training and consultancy services facilitating them launching their own businesses. It will not be just a simple business incubator, as the pressure will be put in particular on intergenerational cooperation between the youth and senior people. 

The representatives of the Regional Labour Office in Katowice presented the latest statistics concerning labour market of the region. It was clear that although the unemployment rate drops constantly, there are groups which still have serious problems with getting a job, particularly persons who do not have determined a rhythm of the day due to lack of job. Surprisingly, these persons are mainly uninterested in getting a job, as it interferes too much in their free time. Wages and qualifications seem to have further importance. The experts recommended changes in reaching such persons - modification of education process, more intense use of social media and benefits for potential employers. 

The representative of Regional Social Policy Centre gave a presentation of social economy organisations in the region. Their activity is focused on integration of socially excluded people with the society. The Centre stimulates cooperation of organisation in the region and delivers support services, promotes social economy brands and monitors progress in development in this sector. 

The presentations were followed by the workshop conducted by Michal Szyszka, Ph.D. from the WSB University.