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InnoEnergy Central Europe sp. z o.o.

InnoEnergy Central Europe sp. z o.o.
is a part of InnoEnergy family. It is an important element of new kind of partnership – the Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) which was developed by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), part of European Union.

Our mission is Creating energy that’s sustainable in every sense. For us, true sustainability also means an industry that’s commercially viable, endlessly innovative, and highly competitive. We make this possible by helping the adoption of pioneering new technologies, without risk or complexity.
From mobility to construction - from renewable energy sources to smarter storage - our commercially-attractive technologies are the product of a trusted ecosystem for sustainable energy.
We’ve invested in more than 400 assets and accelerated development of more than 230 startups. We also bring together 460+ key players from across the energy value chain, from 18 different countries, who have indirect access to 150 million energy consumers. 

The result is the proven, landmark innovation you need to reduce energy costs, increase system performance, decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, create jobs, and increase competitiveness.
With our professional experience and network of contacts we understand needs of both startups, SMEs and large energy market players and know how to work with them, how to meet them for mutual benefits.

ABC Accelerator d. o.o.

ABC Accelerator
is a privately-owned company and the largest and fastest-growing accelerator in the region. It was established in March 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It has accelerated more than 200 startups that went through their twice awarded program or EU supported programs that they run, and raised more than 30 million € for them. At the same time, ABC Accelerator also helps 156 alumni in its own portfolio to further grow and connect internationally. It also has its own fund, the ABC First Growth VC Fund and other supportive businesses that together form the ABC Accelerator Group.

The vision of ABC Accelerator Group is to develop a hub that will give entrepreneurs access to the knowledge, connections and work environment that they need for growth. This makes ABC Accelerator a bridge and strategic focal point for innovation, business and investment in the region and the world.

ABC Hub, ABC Business Academy and ABC Software Development are important members of the ABC Accelerator Group. ABC Hub operates as a co-working space, enabling and connecting more than 120 individuals every year. The ABC Business Academy team organizes 6 international business trainings in three locations: Toronto, Munich and Silicon Valley, with Dublin and Dubai joining them soon and has trained more than 350 individuals. ABC Software Development, based in Sarajevo, offers a network of more than 120 IT specialists in the region. All ABC group members are interconnected and work as one. ABC Accelerator leverages its entire network to provide meaningful knowledge, connections, opportunities and support. 

ABC Accelerator has 5 strong corporate founding partners - Petrol, Triglav Insurance, Telekom Slovenije, BTC, EnaA. They have supported the vision of building up a unique innovation ecosystem from the very beginning. Additionally, ABC Accelerator has formed a strong partnership with academia and excellent connections with businesses. As such it is considered as an important player in the Slovenian startup ecosystem. 

ABC Accelerator is also the regional partner of EIT Digital's Regional Innovation Scheme within its ARISE program with a vision of connecting local innovation and startup ecosystems to EIT Digital's network. ABC Accelerator has also joined forces with InnoEnergy, the European specialists for innovation, business creation and education in the field of sustainable energy. ABC Accelerator is also working with ERASMUS project as a partner of the national contact organization, and is a partner in an Erasmus+ project. It is also a partner of two Interreg Italy-Slovenia projects, one Interreg Danube project and one Interreg Central Europe project. ABC Accelerator is also the recipient of funds for the Support Services of Innovative Environment Entities in the Republic of Slovenia in 2020, 2021 and 2022 called "SIO 2020-2022". The activities of ABC Accelerator under Operation SIO-ABC-2020-2022 are co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

Optimizacija d.o.o.

Optimizacija d.o.o.

Since establishment in 2005 we provide consultant services in management, organization, finance and production field and act as innovation ecosystem booster trough investment in innovative projects and mentoring to young entrepreneurs and startups. As a partner and hub of of KIC InnoEnergy (part of the EIT RIS Programme) we support students, entrepreneurs, and businesses in the domain of sustainable energy by promoting high-growth entrepreneurship and accelerating the commercialization of research. Recognized as the focal point we have gathered around us regional stakeholders (such as Science and Technology Parks, Centres of Competence, Technology Transfer Offices) creating a network of Business Support Organisations. Besides that, we are part of Croatian Angel Network. also, we organize different events with Universities and National Innovation Agency that gives us national recognition and visibility and access to a large number of R&D groups / students / SMEs / innovators.

University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen is more than four hundred and fifty years old, it is Hungary’s oldest higher education institution operated continuously in the same city and as one of the largest educational centers of the country it is a central player in Hungarian higher education. It is also one of the top 500 universities in the world. The student community of 30,000 can study in 14 faculties, in institutions of excellent scholarly standard.

The history of the Faculty of Engineering dates back to 1965, when the Technical College was established. In 1972 it was named Ybl Miklós Polytechnic and in 1995 it became part of Kossuth Lajos University. In 2000 the Faculty of Engineering became part of the integrated University of Debrecen. In 2005 the Bologna System was introduced, which aids the compatibility of the qualifications received at the University of Debrecen with universities all over Europe. The teaching staff is involved in numerous domestic and international research and design projects, like HURO, IINTERREG, H2020, etc…

The Faculty of Engineering is practice oriented and develops skills required for the current conditions of the national and international labour market. That is why this faculty has several industrial partners, including small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), big corporations from a great variety of industries from the pharmaceutical and health industries, through food industry as well as agriculture to the automotive industry.

Civitta Slovakia

Civitta Slovakia is an entrepreneurship and innovation hub and one of the Central European leaders in providing consulting services covering the entire innovation cycle. The company’s mission is to advise startups, established companies and research institutions to deliver world-class innovations. Since its founding in Bratislava in 2007, the company has been instrumental in building the local and regional innovation ecosystem. Its strategic advisory services cover areas like startup support, R&D commercialization, corporate innovations, creative industries, as well as public policy and institutional strategies. Civitta Slovakia is also a part of an overall Civitta Group with 13 national branches and 21 offices in 13 different countries. Civitta is the leading independent management consultancy in the Baltics and the Western CIS with offices in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, and Finland.  

Formerly known as Neulogy, Civitta Slovakia (henceforward only “Civitta”) plays a key role in promoting and supporting the startup ecosystem in Slovakia, having founded and ran the largest startup competition and innovation-related event – FutureNow Conference / Startup Awards. The event popularized entrepreneurship and the startup concept nation-wide, as the national broadcaster has streamed the grand finale, where startups pitch in front of the 1,000+ public audience. Since its inception in 2011, the finalists have raised over €35M.  As the Slovak EIT InnoEnergy hub, Civitta has spearheaded the topic of smart city and mobility within the startup community, organizing competitions such as PowerUp! or the only complex acceleration program in Slovakia - UPLIFT. Civitta´s role as the ecosystem’s connecting point and pioneer in corporate innovation services fostered the development of meaningful connections with relevant corporations and large companies. From this position, Civitta assisted Industry Innovation Cluster, a cluster of companies organized around PSA Peugeot-Citroen, to matchmake with Slovak and regional innovators. Through the branch of corporate innovation services, Civitta developed a network of corporate partners across the sectors, with automotive manufacturers and suppliers playing a prominent role. Corporate innovation services further our understanding of corporate needs, helping us to train and guide startups. Similarly, the company cooperates closely with the public authorities – the City of Bratislava or the Ministry of Economy, as a supplier of services or as an innovation scout.

Startup Campus

Startup Campus is a global program for innovative businesses from the idea phase until market entry. With an international team, an extensive partner network, we provide training and education, incubation, international market entry and investment services in 7 major cities of the world. Startup Campus is active in global events, with the aim to increase the visibility of Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe, encourage entrepreneurship, and connect the various regional startup ecosystems.

Startup Campus University aims to promote a startup entrepreneurial culture, by encouraging the breakthrough, validation and marketing of innovative entrepreneurial ideas developed at universities.
Through its activities SCU secures startup replenishment, enables talented university students to become entrepreneurs, and builds a professional international youth community. 
Services: Training, Validation, competition analysis, Support in Legal, Administration, Business Development and Fundraising. Locations: Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe, London.

Startup Campus Incubation
Startup Campus offers a solution to the most significant issue of local startup ecosystems - the need for the recruitment of new startups. The incubation program aims to promote a startup entrepreneurial culture, by encouraging the breakthrough, validation and marketing of innovative entrepreneurial ideas conceived in universities.

Startup Campus University
The aim of the initiative is to discover new innovative ideas, to encourage entrepreneurship, to foster the emergence of innovative ideas from the universities and to promote regional cooperation. Startup Campus University also aims to provide closer collaboration between large companies, universities and investors.

The goal of SC Incubator is to support and promote the launch of innovative early-stage projects in Hungary and Europe. The Incubator leans on European knowledge transfer practices and beds in international incubation and acceleration methodologies. Our mission is to develop the Hungarian and regional innovation ecosystem and catalyze the supply of startups and spin-offs. 
International validations, market launches and investment opportunities for innovative projects are secured through the Incubator services, internationally trained professionals and the extensive global partner network. Investment: Up to €200k. 

Services: Acceleration, Co-working, Legal, Administration, Business Development Support, Resource Management, Network, Market Research, Links to Higher Education resources, Comprehensive Business Training Programs, IP management, Advisory Boards and Mentors, Technology Commercialisation Assistance, Management Team Identification, Regulatory Compliance Officies: Debrecen, Budapest 
STARTUP CAMPUS GLOBAL — Foreign Market Expansion 
Startup Campus is a decentralised global incubator with several interlaced locations that help to accelerate the global expansion process of startups and to create a close connection with the ecosystems. 
We believe in the importance of quality control, and thus remain selective when including startups to our portfolio. Our programs create a push and pull system for local and foreign startups to scale up globally. 
Offices: Berlin, London

In order to inspire and train the future generation, it is important to promote and transfer the most important startup entrepreneurial attitude and skills to the young adults. The Startup Campus High School program is dedicated to reaching the 14 to 18-year-old students who want to develop their abilities as an entrepreneur, as a team player and advance their skills in problem-solving and failure management. This program consists of inspirational and constructive lectures for high school students, with the help of innovative companies and Startup Campus mentors.

Join us as a professional partner of the Startup Campus Global Network. Support talented people, learn about the latest innovations and be a success story for your customers. 

Join as a Mentor for Startup Campus. Help talented people discover successful startups and expand their network of contacts through the program.

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