Final conference: more than colour into grey

24-03-22  Corda Campus Hasselt, Belgium

The Role of Cultural and Creative Economy in Transforming Industrial Regions

Creative economy enables change. Digitization, circular economy, renewable energies, artificial intelligence: Industry is currently experiencing the emergence of another transformation cycle. These new production modes and mindsets not only have economic consequences but also affect society. To enable Central Europe´s traditional industrial regions to take on this challenge, there is need for both: economic innovation and societal development. The cultural and creative industries (CCI) can be a core driving force on both levels of this transition.

Industrial regions 
and CCI have barely discovered each other yet. Cultural and creative workers often prefering urbanity above industrial settings. At the same time, nonmetropolitan regions do hold specific location assets for attracting CCI, e.g. real production, vacant old-industrial sites, personal networks.

The EU-project InduCCI 
explored the potential of CCI for non-metropolitan industrial regions. We used the past 3 years for finding answers to questions like: How can CCI support production companies in their innovation processes? How can this empower industrial societies? How can industry-relevant entrepreneurial skills of CCI be boosted, and how can pull factors for attracting CCI be promoted?

We – a partnership of 8 Central European regions – shared the InduCCI results at our hybrid final conference, hosted from Corda Campus Hasselt. We acquainted  the expert transnational public with our dedicated policy strategies on regional and EU level, and with our tried and tested administration training and pilot actions. Beyond that, highlevel external speakers and panellists reflected with us on our findings.

Relive our final conference:
You can find a selection of pictures and you can rewatch the recording of the livestream.