Who we are!

Regional Association Cultural and Creative Industry Saxony 

The Regional Association for Cultural and Creative Industry Saxony (SACCI) is an umbrella organisation consisting of three local CCI organizations located in Leipzig, Dresden and Chemnitz, the region’s largest cities. SACCI was founded in 2015. We represent over 300 cultural and creative entrepreneurs and companies. In March 2017,  SACCI launched the project ‘Kreatives Sachsen’ in order to provide quality assistance to CCI entrepreneurs and to make the innovative potential of the sector visible. Assistance is provided through meaningful consultation, the creation, maintenance and expansion of relevant networks and cross innovation projects. Moreover, we lobby for state-of-the-art business support schemes, taking into account the dynamic nature of CCI and contribute to studies and research projects with our in-depth knowledge of the sector.

We engage in the InduCCI project because we believe in sharing our experience and would like to contribute to sustainable structural change in Europe’s industrial regions. We are convinced that cultural and creative industries play a key role within this process. Through InduCCI, we also want to expand our European network.

More information: 

Katrin Weber  - katrin.weber@creative-saxony.org

Tina Duarte - tina.duarte.monje@creative-saxony.org


 "Association of Cultural- and Creative Industries of Saxony“

Text by: SACCI, August 2019