Who we are!

Creative Region Linz and Upper Austria

CREATIVE REGION is owned 50% by the City of Linz and 50% by the Regional Government of Upper Austria, aiming to support the growth and success of the creative sector, while positioning the city/region as a creative location in Europe. CREATIVE REGION  is a hub that bundles the power of creative industries in Upper Austria. They are supporting, connecting and consulting creative minds and thus driving innovation. CREATIVE REGION develops and implements support programmes based on ideas rising from the creative scene and has the capability to adapt its offers to its target group. CREATIVE REGION is closely linked in many ways to the "tobacco factory Linz", THE creative hotspot and home for talents as well as location for capacity building and entrepreneurship development. Open-minded thinkers can meet there, exchange information, get support, develop ideas and network, while CREATIVE REGION can take over the output of these processes in its programmes and carry it to other subregions of Upper Austria.  With its support programmes, CREATIVE REGION is the one-stop-shop for the creative sector. Linz is part of the Unesco City of Media Arts Network and former Cultural Capital of Europe.

CREATIVE REGION is leader of WP3 due to its long-standing practical experience with CCIs in a transforming industrial setting. CREATIVE REGION brings into InduCCI its own organisation as well as the tobacco factory location as good practice examples. Partners can further benefit from CREARE´s experiences with city-hinterland cooperation on CCI as well as from specific tools and methods developed and tested already. InduCCI addresses CREATIVE REGION´s mission - the capacity building and the qualification of CCI - at its core. The exchange with other PPs, especially in the policy field is expected to yield great benefits for CREATIVE REGION. Apart from that, our strong interest lies on the topics "cross-linking existing industry and creatives“ and industrial community transformation through CCI" because these are considered as upcoming themes for our institutional profile. CREATIVE REGION is aiming to build up a network of comparable  regions working on the transformation process and finally aiming to create its unique and „weird“ trademark as a creative cities.

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