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Microregion Sokolov-East

Microregion Sokolov-east (MSV) represents a core zone in the industrial region of Western Bohemia. MSV is a voluntary association of 14 small and middle sized municipalities with 55.000 inhabitants, established in 2001. Already 200 years, the area is known for coal mining, porcelain, glass, chemical industry and automotive. Till today, industry strongly affects everyday life of local people – working in a factory or living close to (in)active mines. Main objective of MSV is to steer local and regional development in the field of rehabilitation of destroyed landscape, climate protection, maintaining industry, tourism and community development.

CCI has recently been discovered as a key for reaching these aims. The character of traditional industry is changing in the last years. Producers are searching for new approaches to stay competitive. They find them in cooperation especially with designers, new capacities of creative firms has been established recently. MSV pools resources and potential of member municipalities which are mostly too small to finance and implement activities by their own. Hence, MSV operates as a sub-regional platform for economic and social development.

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Lucie Říhová  - rihova@sokolov-vychod.cz