Who we are!

Padova Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture

Padova Chamber of Commerce is a local public sector organization in charge for the development of the economical system of Padova province, developing projects and activities, in cooperation with the Regional Government and/or the Regional Union of the Chamber of Commerce, involving companies and stakeholders from the whole Region.

As CCIs is a vital part of the regional  living industrial culture, recognised as a key setor within the regional smart specialisation strategy, capitalising the experiences of InduCult2.0 and DesAlps , projects that are already developed interesting connections among traditional companies and CCIs, Padova Chamber of Commerce will engages in all foreseen work packages, developing policies to exploit the potential of CCIs with respect to traditional industries as well as industrial communities, contributing throgh the pilot actions to a transnational common understanding how to create a “CCIs-friendly” eco-system, based on - the reuse of old and vacant spaces, - CCI specific support services, - measures to ease the connections among creatives and traditional compagnie and also proposing methodologies and tools for supporting operators on the project topics.

More information: 

Elena Tognon  - elena.tognon@pd.camcom.it