Who we are!

BSC, Business support centre L.t.d., Kranj

BSC Kranj is a regional development agency, with over 20 years of experience in preparing and implementing EU funded projects. We hold a central role in combining local and regional needs with funding opportunities among 18 municipalities of Gorenjska region. We play the role of a link among entrepreneurs, chambers, municipalities, institutes, ministries, and other institutions on the five defined priority fields: entrepreneurship, human resource development, tourism, spatial planning and rural development. We act as a supporting organisation for the public sector as well as for SME's in the sense of consulting and offering technical assistance in cooperation of EU projects.

                                                                                     We aim for sustainability

InduCCI offers the chance to discover the potential of CCI and boost economic and social innovation in traditional industrial areas of Gorenjska region. We will work on the topic together with relevant stakeholders and show some new solutions of CCI to traditional industry.

The main challenges of BSC Kranj through the project are:

  • To develop new regional CCI policy and to build capacity of administration staff through trainings
  • To foster cross-innovation between CCI and industrial companies: help desk for providing tailored support and consultancy to CCI will be developed by linking “new” and “old” economies

To empower industrial communities through CCI, especially with a focus on entrepreneurship and self-dependence. We will test new CCI approach addressing local need for a social challenge of their living environment.

More information: 

Mateja Korošec  - mateja.korosec@bsc-kranj.si