Who we are!

Stebo Competence Centre Community Development

Stebo started as a grassroots response to the challenges after the mining closures in Limburg. Limburg today is a peripherally situated industrial region, composed of small and medium-sized cities. In 2014, it was struck by the closure of the Ford factory. 

Stebo has evolved into an intermediary driving force for socio-cultural and socio-economic development, today introducing new approaches to adapt the region in a changing industrial context. Stebo has created a ‘CCI-friendly’ ecosystem (location, community, coaching) for local and metropolitan CCI’s. With its initiatives – focusing on people rather than infrastructure – Stebo strongly complements the impressive `traditional´ incubator approaches in the region. 
Within InduCCI Stebo engages in providing appropriate institutional settings & actor
networks for CCI. We will stimulate (local) creative entrepreneurship, targetting people with strong roots in industry. Through community work we will support in better matching local mindsets and CCI approaches.

Stebo takes up the InduCCI communication management.

More information:

Frank Maleszka - frank.maleszka@stebo.be

Ina Metalidis - ina.metalidis@stebo.be