Policies and stakeholder initiatives fostering CCI in traditional industrial regions

Work Package 1

This WP functions as the policy incubator for InduCCI.
CCI policies (strategies, support offers, funding schemes) are a challenging subject due to the novelty of the branch itself and due
to the non-conform characteristics of the CCI branch. Especially industrial regions are much better prepared to foster
technological innovation.
In a first step of this WP, partners analyse existing CCI policies, policy deficits and CCI-related narratives on regional level. The
different applied approaches (as well as discovered short-comings) are then interregionally compared and supplemented by a
policy investigation on European level.
In a second step, partners start stakeholder involvement (setting up regional CCI focus groups) and prepare capacity building of
administration staff through trainings. Training schemes are later on tested in each region and jointly evaluated (OUTPUT) .
Focus groups support the partners with policy development and anchoring of new formats and approaches, they are to be
continued after project end.
Thirdly, partners develop new / improve existing regional CCI policies (OUTPUT) . Respective drafts undergo peer reviewing
between partners; final versions are presented to appropriate policy bodies for adoption. Inherent to the policies, partners
commit themselves to review the policies regularly also after the project end in a participative manner. Grounded on the
regional policies, joint recommendations for policies are set up with a view of supporting other industrial regions with
comparable ambitions as well as on European CCI-related networks for take-up (OUTPUT).
Finally, a toolkit is developed presenting practice guidance based on pilots tested in T2+3 fostering CCI in industrial regions