Practical measures for industrial community development and social innovation through CCI

Work Package 3

This WP addresses the capacity of CCI as social change agent in transforming industrial communities. By reinventing the pioneer
spirit these regions were once known for, a cultural heritage is conveyed into the future.

Over time, long-standing industrial regions have developed a distinct culture. However, for the industrial transformation ahead
this setting is ambiguous: It entails both assets (skills, traditions, values) and obstacles (hierarchies, dependencies, fixed
mindset). While this topic of `Industrial Culture´ itself has been thoroughly investigated in the preceding InduCult2.0 project,
InduCCI focuses on the role CCI can play in helping industrial communities to become more open to innovation, change and
entrepreneurship. With its hybride forms of collaboration and unconventional methods, CCI creates a unique seedbed for social
In a first sub-strand, InduCCI partners bring in CCI for mediating between (transforming) industry and society. Partners
experiment with different communication formats ranging from event features over public discourses to exhibitions.
In a second sub-strand, pilot actions are focused on empowering industrial communities through CCI, especially with a focus on
entrepreneurship and self-dependance. This is reached by testing novel education schemes, opening up the CCI scene to the
public, public pioneering workshops and other community-oriented work.
This WP is centred around the above-mentioned pilot actions tested in the participating regions (OUPUTS). The regional pilots
are transnationally leveled up through (1) joint collection of existing practices at the beginning, (2) cross-wise peering activities in
the idea phase as well as (3) joint evaluation of their effect after implementation. Eventually, the pilot results are worked up for a
transnational audience in a toolbox (T1.6.2).