New InduCult2.0


The InduCult Partnership - especially the scientific partners - has worked hard on two new publications:

New Industrial Culture in Central Europe' 

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The Transnational Strategy Brochure sets out a transnational strategy and an interconnected work programme proposal for Industrial Culture in Central Europe. The document serves as an input to the established network of Industrial Culture Coordinators from all participating InduCult2.0 countries and aims at guiding the network through the first stages of its existence and setting out milestones and mid-term aims.

This brochure serves as an inspiration and basis for discussion within the network and an invitation to other regions and networks to join the initiative. The transnational strategy shows the possiblities of Industrial Culture as a dynamic socio-cultural concept that raises regional capacities and creates new impulses for development based on the endogenous potentials of industrial regions.

The Transformative Power of Industrial Culture - From Concepts to Actions

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This book aims at exploring the notion of Industrial Culture in a Central European context, summarizing research results from the project. Important reference papers from the project are three input papers on thematic utilisation of Industrial Culture, one framework paper on the term and background of Industrial Culture, the regional and transnational argumentation papers, and the regional strategies from each partner region and the transnational strategy. Based on these joint project results, the content of this publication was expanded and embedded in a broader scientific debate.