Upcoming Inno Peer AVM Activities

Within the frame of developing a novel qualification programme and new qualification standards for Central Europe, the InnoPeer AVM project partners are currently conducting case studies with small- and medium-sized enterprises on AVM-related issues in their respective region.

The processing of these AVM teaching cases should result in illustrative examples which will later be used for the learning platform and the handbook of the training programme. Within the trainings, the teaching cases will be used for giving participants the possibility to find solutions to practical, real-life problems with regard to AVM-implementations.

In Addition to the Teaching Cases, the InnoPeer Partners will develop the first complete collection of training modules for the basic and advanced courses as well as the practical trainings. Therefore the most important topics regarding the three considered knowledge dimensions, which are AVM related Technologies, changes in Human Resources and Business Models, will be collected and discussed. Afterwards the specific content for each module will be worked out while focusing on novel training methodologies such as the already mentioned teaching cases. This will create a comprehensive qualification program in all three knowledge dimensions. The Project Partners will then extract a balanced mix of training modules, which will take the specific regional needs of SMEs into account.