Overview on Content and Structure of the Trainings

The aim of InnoPeer AVM project  is the development of a novel InnoPeer AVM qualification program.
This program contains a modular transdisciplinary training program on 3 AVM (AdVanced Manufacturing) knowledge dimension according to SME needs in CE.

The training program contains 3 kind of training types:

  1. The basic training is the first training in the InnoPeer AVM Qualification Program and has the goal to introduce the topic of AVM in general as well as the three-knowledge dimension AVM related technology, human resources and organizational management as well as business model development and strategy. The basic training has a duration of three days and will be held as a local course in each region.
  2. Regarding the advanced trainings, five trainings are held with duration of two days each. There will be two trainings for technology, one training for human resources management (HRM), one for organization management and one for business model development in conjunction with business strategy. These trainings will be held as webinar. The advanced training also contains living labs. In the living labs the newly developed teaching cases will by elaborated and the assignments that will future be tested practically in the Model Factory are prepared jointly.
  3. The practical trainings for business model development in conjunction with business strategy as well as HRM and organization management will be held as a strategy camp with duration of up to on week while the practical test runs for technologies will be done in Model Factories.

Here you can read the whole description of the InnoPeer AVM qualification program.