Welcome on board!

Please wlcome our new AVM Board member : Univ.Prof. MMag. Dr. Wolfgang H. Güttel
Here you can know more about our new member.

What do you absolutely need to know about the members of the AVM Board?

Characteristics: High-ranked and AVM industry and academia experts and CE representatives/innovationPolicymakers


  • to revise, provide feedbacks and inputs to the strategy, roadmap and regional action plans,
  •  bring their expertise into the partnership,
  • support the consortium in promoting and communication activities at transnational and EU level.
  • should strengthen the awareness of international industrystakeholders and innovation policymakers regarding AVM-related competences and capacities in CE at the transnational and EU level.
  • delivers significant contributions for the future integration of CE regions in the EU Innovation Partnership and relevant EU initiatives.
  • expected to provide suggestions on strategic AVM issues in CE.