Final Video Confernce

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not  a threat.”(Steve Jobs)

This quote describes well the InnoPeer AVM project. Within 3 years the partnership of the project saw many-many technological solutions related to Industry 4.0. And had a chance to know more about advanced manufacturing and digitalization. In the framework of the Final Conference of the project, the partners would like to share their experiences that is why they invited experts from the field of Industry 4.0.

(If you would like to see the whole Final Confernce click here.)

In the first part of the conference after the opening speech of   Eva Breuer– lead partner of the project - Tomasz Kosmider – moderator – ask Eva Breuer about the impact of the program for participating companies. 

Following that Kornél Németh – AVM Board Member – presented the impact and future for Industry 4.0 in the post Covid-19 paradigm, and answered the question; How does the current situation impact thing like competency development in the companies?

The next presenter was also an AVM Board MemberDr. Paul Rübig. Dr. Paul Rübig got an insight to the participants into the political aspects of digital transformation at EU level. In his presentation he mentioned Horizon 2020 and after the presentation he elaborated the most important indications for the successor of the program.

After Dr. Paul Rübig presentation the next speaker was Prof. Wolfgang Güttelthe trainer of the HR/Organisation part of the Upper Austrian Basic Training – his topic was the change of the management in Industry 4.0 integration., and answered the question: What would you indicate as the most important capabilities needed for each organization to develop to make sure that digital transformation is actually possible, in the given organization?

In the last segment of the conference the first presenter was Ulrich LöwenSiemens – he talked about the impact of cloud and edge technology on manufacturing industries., and he gave answer  to the following question: What are the biggest differences between implementing IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)for SME sector versus corporate sector.

The last presenter of the conference was Rał TrzaskaAVM Board member – provided the participants an overview of the business in Industry 4.0. And he mentioned the Industry 4.0 is a huge opportunity to improve the efficiency of business models and the possibility to build new models.

From the above-mentioned presenters during the breaks of the conference the participants had a chance to watch useful videos connected to Industry 4.0 and digitalization.