6th Newsletter

It is our pleasure to share with you our last newsletter!

In the last period of the project, with the contribution of the partners , the last newletter of the project had been prepared. 

What did we do during this period?

Within this period, the dedicated tasks of the partners of InnoPeer AVM project are to promote the available Advanced courses of the project and to invite the relevant stakeholders to complete the course. 

Furthermore, connected to the Advanced Courses a lot of partners organized teaching case webinars and other webinars to help the participants fulfil the courses and to be able to learn more connected to the given courses. Next to the webinars, the practical aspects of the technology dimensions can be experienced in one of the three InnoPeer AVM Model Factories. Along with the ongoing pilot trainings of the InnoPeer AVM project, an accessory assessment programme for analysing the impact of AVM capacity building on participating SMEs has been implemented.

Moreover, within 3 years the partnership of the project saw many technological solutions related to Industry 4.0. And had a chance to know more about advanced manufacturing and digitalization. In the framework of the Final Conference of the project, the partners would like to share their experiences that is why they invited experts from the field of Industry 4.0.

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